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Roman Molino Dunn is an award-winning composer and Billboard charting music producer (a.k.a Electropoint) at Mirrortone Studios in New York City. He has composed and produced music for advertising agencies and corporations, for television commercials, tv shows, short film, feature films, radio, and internet campaigns. Brands who have used his music include Burger King, PayPal, Marriott, Michael Kors, NBC, The Ad Council, Clinique, Snapple, Globe and Mail, Honeywell, Maserati, Tom Ford, Kopari, and many more. TV networks that have used his work include E!TV, A&E, MTV, Oxygen, BET, Bravo, Netflix, Discovery, TLC, and Nascar. In addition to corporate music composition, as a producer he has worked with major and indie labels and Grammy-winning artists alike.

Roman graduated with an accelerated BA/MA from Hunter College in New York City, attaining both my Bachelor's degree in music theory and my Master’s degree in music composition in 4 years. He studied composition foremost with Shafer Mahoney and Christopher Theofanidis. He has also studied composition with Allen Anderson, Michael Annicchiarico, Poundie Burstein, and Mark Spicer, and mathematics and computation in counterpoint with John Rogers.


Roman's work as a music producer is constantly crossing with his work as a composer. While most of the work that would qualify as composition is for film and television, the work as a music producer is generally called as such because it is for commercials or artists. His tracks have been signed by numerous networks including E!TV, A&E, MTV, Oxygen, BET, Bravo, Netflix, Discovery, TLC, and Nascar.

As a music producer, songs that he has produced for clients have place on the Billboard and iTunes charts. His remixes for artists have made it to the club charts, and his pop music has been on the dance charts. All of Roman's work as a music producer is under the pseudonym Electropoint, and you can learn more about that here.

NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and Tom Ford
NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and Clinique Fresh Pressed
NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and Kopari
NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and Donna Karan
NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and Michael Kors
NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and DKNY
NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and Clinique Men
NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and Maserati
NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and Vidanta Christmas
NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and Reflekt
NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and My Music Taste
NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and Vidanta Commercial
NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and Aerin
NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and Sumita
NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and Zonnic
NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and Aerin Skincare Commercial
NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and Arconic Commercial
NYC Music Composition Exmample Mirrortone and Reflekt Skincare Commercial


Film Cues

The video reel is private to keep the filmmakers work from being pirated. For full video reel please get in touch on the Contact page.

The Darkness Within - Dark Trailer Music

Breaking Through - Emotional Orchestral

I Am Not - Pyschological Orchestral Hybrid

In The End - Epic Closing Cue

Looking to One Another - Inspiring Music

Through The Sands - World Orchestral Hybrid

They Will Know Us - Hybrid Orchestral Music

Feeling Through The Steam - Psychological Thriller Cue

Amore All'Estero - Introspective Piano Cue

Beautiful Storm - Epic Orchestral

Three Dark Moons - Hybrid Orchestral Music

Me Circumdederunt - Renaissance Madrigal

Inside Of Us All - Inspiring Music

A Better World - Uplifting Commercial

Turn Off The Feelings - Psychological Cue

Florence in October - Inspiring Ensemble

Hammer of Cesare - Grandiose Orchestral

A Day In A Night - Melancholic yet Uplifting Orchestral Instrumental

Insieme Per Sempre - Introspective Piano

Stop Shooting - Hybrid Tension

Life Is not Easy - Modern Intensity

Where Is It Leading - Hybrid Suspense

The Approaching - Modern Mystery

A Hero's Glory - Triumphant Dramatic Cue

First Light - Reflective Minimalism

Space Suspsense - Space Suspense Cue

Slapshot - Sports Action Cue

Awaiting Hope - Inspirational

The Big Build - Mysterious Intrigue

The End - Orchestral Action Credits

La Bella Macchina - Hopeful Introspective Commercial

Suspension Bridge - Tension Cue

Wonder of the Unforeseen - Orchestral Bed

The Prince and the Clouds - Orchestral Wonder




Sorice has been out for about a year now, and it has gotten so much attention in Europe. Now the award-winning short is picking up some more titles, but this time in South America at the Rolda Web Fest where it won best short film. You can watch the short here.

Composing for commercials is such a rewarding cross between composer and producer, but nothing is quite as exciting when a custom composition for a commercial gets picked up and turned into a full on brand campaign. My recent track for Clinique's Fresh Pressed line was one such track that ended up in the full line of products.

I absolutely love when I get to bring my film scoring skills and my pop music producer skills together on one project, and that is exactly what composing the music for fashion commercials allows me to do. As a composer and producer at Mirrortone Studios I get a lot of commercial projects from some amazing agencies, and this time I was lucky enough to score two Tom Ford Commercials. You can check them out below!

Cult Classic Trilogy Bear City's third installment has won multiple awards over the past year in major film festivals, including Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the 2016 qFliq Philadelphia Film Festival and Audience Award for best Feature Film at 2016 Reeling Chicago International Film Fest. Finally BearCity 3 received it's NYC premier to a packed house!

I was so honored to have composed the score for this landmark film. Director Doug Langway's portrayal of love and family moved me and inspired me to write music from the heart. Working on this project was an absolute pleasure!

I've been doing a lot of work for triple threat director/writer/actor Misha Calvert, and each project I work on with her seems to do so well on the circuit (definitely because of her not me!). Her dark comedy Pee Sitting Down has been playing in film festivals all over the world (literally, Italy has gotten two different showings!), but it was just accepted into the Hollyshorts Hollywood film festival. Fingers crossed on this one, but judging by the success she has been having we're all very hopeful!

I try to keep all of the news over here about film, tv, and commercial composition, but sometimes I need to do a little cross promotion for my work as producer Electropoint. I was honored when reality tv and popstar Adam Barta asked me to work on the official pop remix of his song flawless with WeTv's celebrity doctor Dr. Miami, so you can imagine my reaction when that song hit #23 on the Billboard Dance Charts and #8 on the iTunes Dance Charts. I won't dive too much more into it here, but if you'd like to learn more you can click over to the Electropoint website.

This is the second short from VFX heavy-hitter Angelo de Witt and it's getting attention from all over the industry. De Witt's first short as director scifi thriller Sorice reached critical acclaim and is in talks with multiple studios for development. The follow up Mother of Children takes a darker turn into the world of psychological horror and gave me (Roman Molino Dunn) a whole new world of imagery to score to. Having worked with Angelo before I knew this was going to be epic and that the music had to be just right to capture the power of his unique vision. The score is full of bowed cymbals, scratching strings, and unusual distant melodic elements. With something this organic and eerie it is safe to say I'm looking forward to expanded this score once the film starts its feature development. You can read the coverage on Screenanarchy.com

A good portion of my work is done as a commercial composer working at Mirrortone Studios. One of my favorite commercials was scoring for Maserati's Awaken Your Soul campaign. It has actually been a few months since this job was completed, but the commercial has recently surpassed 1 million views on YouTube, so I thought it would be the perfect time to share this spot. Check it out below!

It's been almost a year since I started scoring the comedic web-series Activist, and it's been a real pleasure to compose all the music for this tongue-in-cheek program. As a film composer it has been everything you could want, an opening them, stingers, montages, emotional moments, and lots of one-liners and situational irony. The cast, crew, and director were all so amazing that I am hardly surprised that in its first festival in NYC it picked up a win as Best Webseries. You can learn more about the series at ActivistShow.com